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TimBar Packaging & Display strives to deliver products that exceed customer expectations while ensuring the safety of our employees and the responsible stewardship of the natural resources we utilize. As a manufacturer of corrugated packaging, sustainability has long been part of our industry’s and TimBar's business philosophies. We continually work to minimize waste, increase productivity and design packaging that performs to specifications while utilizing the least amount of fiber possible. Our lean initiatives focus on the safety and wellness of our associates in addition to continuous improvement of processes and productivity.

TimBar Packaging & Display can help you achieve your sustainability goals by providing:

  • Kraft (brown) corrugated boxes with an average recycled content of 43%
  • Litho-laminated packaging with a recycled content range of 32-50%
  • Point-of-Purchase displays with an average recycled content of 35%
  • All of TimBar's manufacturing facilities are certified to Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Fiber Sourcing Standards
  • Products printed with low-emission, water-based inks, which can be removed through a standard deinking process so the paper fibers can be recycled
  • Manufacturing facilities with safety records at the top of the industry
  • Controllable material waste below industry averages
  • A continuous focus on productivity through the implementation of lean enterprise practices
  • Products that comply with RoHS standards and CONEG

TimBar Packaging & Display is a member of Wal-Mart’s Packaging Sustainability Value Network and a member of the Fibre Box Association’s Sustainability Committee.

TimBar manufactures and recommends corrugated made from a combination of virgin and recycled fibers. We feel this is the most sustainable business model for the industry as a whole. Each time paper is recycled, the fibers are shortened and become weaker, and therefore, more fiber, fillers and chemicals are needed to maintain required stacking strengths. Utilizing a combination of virgin and recycled fibers provides a strong, functional package while supporting forest management, carbon sequestration and the use of recycled, reusable products.

Sustainability is a key business principle at TimBar Packaging & Display which is headed by our Vice President/Director of Sustainability. Each Business Unit Manager has the responsibility to assure that their site complies with applicable environmental, health & safety laws & regulations as well as corporate policy. They also are actively involved in the implementation and management of systems, procedures and training to achieve and maintain safe and healthful workplaces including employee involvement in “green team” activities that include recycling and energy conservation programs.




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