High quality goods and services with fewer defects and less waste.

TimBar Packaging & Display has a strong focus on continuous improvement and utilizes lean principles, practices and tools. Each TimBar facility has a designated Lean Champion responsible for training and implementing lean principles and tools. The Lean Champion also ensures that associates participate in problem-solving and that the process includes input, feedback, honesty and respect.

Our implementation of lean encompasses our entire operation not just the manufacturing floor. From customer service to accounting, design to production all of TimBar's associates receive continuous training on lean principles and work daily to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce waste.

But Lean is just part of the story. TimBar's World Class Reliability initiative is a strategy that drives behavior and actions that leverage Operational Excellence.  World Class Reliability helps maintain control over our processes and drive continuous improvement in order to propel our organization to new levels of success.  This is achieved, in part, because we have a forward-thinking and problem-solving organization instead of a reactive one.

At TimBar, DIFOTIS is a key measurement used to determine how well we are servicing our customers and maintaining our commitment to providing them with a quality experience.  DIFOTIS looks at service from the point of view of the customer.  It measures how often the customer gets what they want at the time they want it and how they wanted it.     DIFOTIS holds us to an extremely high and stringent standard as each inaccuracy is independently captured and counted against the score.  At TimBar, we believe that providing this level of service builds trust and customer loyalty that will differentiate us in the marketplace




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