Optimize your in-store merchandising, as well as deliver mobile media to shoppers at the point-of-purchase to grow basket, loyalty, center-store trips & shopper-visits.

By adding Shelfbucks digital sensors to displays, signage or other merchandising tools as they are assembled, they become “SmartDisplays”.  When they then arrive in the retail store, they are now ready to generate valuable, new data that will help improve your merchandising programs. 

Each Shelfbucks digital sensor records information which enables us determine:

•When a piece arrived at the store

•When a piece was placed on the floor

•When a piece was removed from the floor
If the shopper has a Shelfbucks-enabled app on their phone, it can also collect additional non-PII information such as repeat visits, past behavior, etc.
SmartDisplays can also directly influence shoppers at the point-of-decision and glean valuable new insights into shopper purchasing behavior.

Two mobile app delivery options:

1.  Display sends content to shoppers phone (push)
2.  Shopper requests content from display (pull)
TimBar is proud to be a Shelfbucks Certified Partner.   Please contact us to learn more.



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